~~~What are students saying?~~~

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group of hapy graduates

“Miss Elliss actually seemed to be interested. I know that sounds odd, but she was a teacher that not only seemed interested in helping her students, but she was interested in hearing from them as well. I believe that made all the difference.”

“The classroom atmosphere was different, friendlier. It was less like a teacher/student and more along the lines of confidant. ”

“She encouraged my creative side. She encouraged me to draw and design and I took that further and began to create.”

Ashayla, Aussie


“I liked the way Cathy taught us how to praise others. It really helped me to deal with the relationships with my friends and strangers.”

“I learned how to deal with my fear. It has made me strong enough to face frustrations.”

“I liked the activity to do three good things to others. It made both myself and others grateful! That’s great!”

Kitty, China (prior to entering Bachelor degree in Perth), 2010


“Cathy is a special teacher because she always has a lot of energy doing different activities in class, this is  most important so the students enjoy every class.”

“Always you need to enjoy anything you do in life 100 percent. Cathy has been successful because she does so and also she passes on or transmits this to the people around her such as students, colleagues or family.”

Claudia, from Columbia (prior to heading into Masters in Perth), 2011


“Cathy is really a very talented teacher, whose lessons are very cognitive, informative and manifold. Usually she teaches not only grammar or something like that, but also some interesting facts about different cultures, global problems and some important aspects to achieve your own goals. Additionally, Cathy tactfully teaches students some manners and trends, which are substantial for intelligent people and successful communication.”

Elena, from Russia (prior to going into Post-Graduate studies, 2011)


~~~What are Educators saying?~~~

“I have known Cathy Elliss for over 20 years. We met through The WA Youth Theatre Company and became firm friends at Teachers College in Nedlands. Cathy was always the quintessential student – hardworking , serious about her subjects and multi-talented. I always thought she was being “pigeon-holed” though in the course that she was enrolled in and that it did not reflect her true capabilities. The difficult thing to overcome when you are a teenager, is to find where your true pathway lies. Like any young person of our generation, there were so many conservative options but very little guidance in ‘futures’ career planning; the dilemma was to find where our true talents would lead us – in an established traditional area or to be a pioneer in an as yet undeveloped field. This is who Cathy Elliss is – a brave pioneer, eschewing the financial stability of a traditional 9-5 job in order to pursue higher spiritual goals which has led her to this point in life – writing, teaching and inspiring others. She deserves all her successes in life. YOU deserve success too – let Cathy help you achieve it.”

Sammantha Da Luz

Fomer Head of English and Middle School Team Leader, Education Department of Western Australia


“I have had the pleasure of observing and training with Cathy as a fellow colleague. Cathy has a strong passion for teaching and implementing all of the different strategies and latest research into learning and maximising each lesson for each student in her class. I have not met anyone who puts so much thought, time and actual practice into the different learning styles, obtaining feedback from her students on a regular basis and acting on that feedback on the back of a continuous stream of self education and self reflection.
Cathy is an inspiring and motivated (and motivating!) teacher who actually “walks the walk” when most other teachers simply pay modern research lip service. If you want action, individualised lessons and someone who really cares then Cathy should be top of your list.”

Robert Hepburn

Educator with over 15 years experience, Teacher (Science and Maths), Tutor, Marital Arts Instructor

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