New Direction – One Step at a Time

Following on from the feedback leading up to the first scheduled seminar in Perth, focusing on University Preparation, certain aspects became obvious.  So new more flexible options available to suit you and your needs.

The overwhelming comments were along the lines of “What about me?” “Can I come?” “I did not learn this at school?” “When can I come?”

So in response to your feedback and with a commitment to excellence, Academic Success Strategies, will be offering short talks or workshops on the particular topics of:

  • Financial Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Relationship Skills
  • Personal Leadership
  • Study Skills

plus more to suit the specific groups as required.

Intended markets

  • People in general.
  • Corporate groups.
  • Community groups.
  • Business groups
  • Parent groups
  • Student groups

Small or large groups.

Academic Strategies + Success Habits for Life => Success in Life


Cathy is available to speak or run workshops with small and large groups on a variety of topics.  Particular passions of hers include: Financial Intelligence; Emotional Intelligence; Relationship Skills; Personal Leadership; and Study Skills.  Although she does do some pro bono work, she is a professional and part of her commitment to integrity and teaching Financial Intelligence is to be paid for her services.   Email her at