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Perth Seminar (University Preparation, July 2011) Update

Perth Seminar (University Preparation, July 2011) Update

Firstly, thank you to those people who have been contacting me this week asking how it is going.  This update is to let people know it did not happen!  It was never officially cancelled, as in the last week or so leading up to the date, interested people were redirected into coaching and/or tutoring sessions.

Scroll down for list of thank you’s, as many, many people lent their encouragement, prayers, support and time for the proposed event.

Plus also scroll down for why we believe the messages being shared in this seminar are so vital in modern life and in our community.

So what was planned and missed as a result of the workshops not happening….

Day 1     Study Skills sessions

PLUS special guest speaker – sharing her testimony of miraculous physical recovery … twice, including falling from an elephant.

Day 2     Personal Leadership sessions (see below for more details)

PLUS special guest speaker sharing how to live your ‘Champagne Life on a Beer Budget’

PLUS launch of new fashion design by up and coming teenage Perth designer

Day 3     Life Skills sessions:  Emotional Intelligence; Financial Intelligence; Relationship Skills

Including sessions on Speed Dating (in a fun and healthy way), how to Make Money, keep money and grow money, plus how to Control Your Emotions in a healthy way

PLUS special guest sharing her experience overcoming one of the more serious problems facing teens today

Plus free ebooks and books on these topics with the opportunity to really impact your life and make lasting changes.

Next,  as the workshops were intended to happen and had been planned down to the last detail, Cathy would personally like to thank the following people:

Juanita, Heather, Tracey, Robert, Hector, Jonathon, Lisa, Ashayla,  and Ashayla’s mum for their support and encouragement in the form of giving of their own time for putting up flyers around Perth (as part of a volunteer taskforce), and/or volunteering whole days to act as support teachers/trainers during the seminar.

Plus thank you to Elena, Kitty, Claudia, Sammantha, Robert and Ashayla for the much appreciated testimonials received prior to the scheduled date.   Also thank you to Jen, Nigel, Kym and the many who contacted Cathy personally to discuss various aspects.

Plus thank you to Averil for the final flyer design (which by the way worked as bees to honey) and Maree for the intended guest speaker session.

The management and staff at the Dux Restaurant in South Tce, Como, who kindly donated gift vouchers (as part of the seminar was planned to be fundraising for children’s and youth projects).  Many of these vouchers have been distributed around to supporters and volunteers.

In the last week, leading up to the realisation of a lack of sales strategy to actually sell tickets (AKA bums on seats), special thank you’s for debriefs  to the following people who gave of their valuable time and advice, particularly in the area of sale and seminars: Kjell-Are, Damien, Heather, Sandra, Hendra, and Averil.

Plus a big thank you to my own mum and dad, Sarah, Bec, Felicity, Craig, Kevin and Paul for their continued support.

Also thank you to the hundreds of people who showed their support face to face, especially when the team and I were out and about around Perth putting up flyers, and from responses via electronic media such as email and Facebook.

Thank you to everyone who held this concept and the team in prayer, especially Barbara, Tracey, Sophie and Jen.

We do passionately believe in the messages being shared:

Study Skills

o   (as a student) to work smarter for better results

o   To succeed in today’s modern competitive environment, we could all do with improving our skills to better carry out our existing job, and/or to obtain a better job in the future

o   To make the most of lifelong learning and become more discerning of what information is going into our minds, thus producing better results

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

o   to live a full life of love and abundance, we need to take control of our emotions including how we respond to challenging times in life.

o   to understand that if we do not learn how to manage our emotions, people shut down their unwanted emotions, thus shutting down all emotions, which particularly for men, can lead to non-communication and even breakdown of family relationships.

Financial Intelligence

o   we can learn the skills to make money, keep money and grow money (which as Robert Kiyosaki states involves 10% technical know-how with 90% EQ).

o   to avoid heading headlong into irresponsible spending and even bankruptcy, with all those associated costs to the individual, their family and friends and wider community through crime, social problems  and/or rehabilitation.

Relationship Skills

o   learn how to communicate more effectively in a variety of relationships from formal, informal and intimate.  Setting yourself up for success by setting realistic expectations and boundaries.

o   to avoid the continued breakdown in family relationships and negative consequences such as reduced grades at school and even delinquency for the children.

Personal Leadership

o   Realising who we are and what we believe in (including defining what success is), having truly successful role models.

o   to stop idolising people (where we all have human frailties), then being devastated to find they are only human or to continue to idolise them when their idols behaviour is lacking in morality and/or criminal.

Plus an apology from Cathy to those people who so far she was not able to deliver on the promised opportunity such as with the launch of the fashion design.  She takes full responsibility for this seminar not occurring at this time, in this way.

If you believe in these teachings and this philosophy and would like to discuss concrete ways to get the message out there, please contact Cathy direct at

Watch this space for more updates from Cathy and the team at Academic Success Strategies.  This message is so important that Cathy is determined to make it heard (and also make money as part of her commitment to integrity and teaching Financial Intelligence).

In the meantime, if you would like to read about Cathy’s recent radio interview on Financial Intelligence, CLICK HERE

Add your thoughts below to start a conversation, please feel welcome.