Academic Success and Why YOU Need It

girl frustratedMost people learn the hard way… Have you ever failed something and had to repeat it?  Or not finished something due to sheer frustration then just gave up?

The usual context for Academic Success is University, however we know different!  We are a small team of ‘out of the box’ people,  who have been teaching/tutoring/training/coaching others to success for many years in various countries throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.  We are convinced that real learning success which leads to real changes and success in real life (beyond the classroom) requires…

Academic Strategies + Success Habits for Life => Success in Life

From surveying students over the years, the top 3 wants are

  1. Get Better Results
  2. Get a better job (Make more money)
  3. Make my parents proud of me

How do ASS workshops help you to achieve these?

By sharing technical tools to sharpen your study skills

By challenging you to work out who you are and what you stand for – Personal Leadership

and opening  your eyes to simple wisdom (knowledge and application) regarding your Emotions, Finances and Relationships. Emotional Intelligence, Financial Intelligence and Relationship Skills

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So what are the principles behind Academic Strategies?

Success for us is ‘Peace, Love, Joy, Hope,

Great Family Relationships, Close Friendships, Financial Freedom, and Excellent Health‘!

To achieve this we need to ‘learn how to achieve this’.  Any learning involves certain factors…

The most important beginning is the decision to do it, then the follow through of commitment to walk out that decision daily.

However life happens… we can get distracted or do not feel like doing it… so we must develop our character and emotional intelligence.

We are required to deal with people (work, study, family, friends) and also have some income… so we need to develop our relationship skills and financial IQ.

Success habits begin with our thoughts – so it is really all about Mindset!

How we learn depends on a myriad of factors including our upbringing, background and learning style preferences to name a few.

Academic Success Strategies is at the forefront of Learning Skills Education and is the only one to combine Success Habits for Excellence.

Currently 3 day seminars are planned for July 2011 in Perth,others are planned here in Australia and overseas as the interest arises.  If you see a need near you, let’s talk

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Who are these Seminars for:

  • Students – University Preparation
  • Tertiary Students
  • Universities (Especially Those Who Do Not Have In-house Study Skills Courses)
  • Educators (who Want to Find Out How to Get Better Results with their Students)
  • Lifelong Learners
  • Anyone who Wants to Skyrocket Their Learning Strategies to Success
  • Corporations who Want To Improve Staff Morale, Build Great Leaders and  Enhance Teamwork
  • Parents who Would Like to Put a Rocket up their Own Offspring (Encourage them to ‘Grow Up’ and Take Responsibility)

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